Ballroom Group Classes For Adults

The Group Class

One instructor, several students. Used to introduce new patterns and promote variety of steps and steppers. You will learn new figures, and learn to follow or lead different partners, which helps to develop these important skills. You also get needed repetition time outside of your private lessons. Classes also help to develop good balance and controlled movement. Dancers who are referred to as "light on their feet" or "easy to lead" are certainly class goers!

What to Expect

FUN! - Learning to dance is a rewarding experience and it's tremendously fun! You'll meet new people, set new goals, and exercise your body and brain. But above all, you'll have fun!

Professional Instruction - All of our instructors are highly trained and carefully selected.

Dance Benefits - the benefits of dancing are many and varied. Our desire is to give you what you expect from taking dance lessons.

What not to expect

Steady, uniform progress. Progress does not come steadily, it comes in spurts! Perhaps you will improve for five or ten lessons, and then hit a plateau for a lesson or two. You may even feel like you are backsliding. Don't let this worry you! Within a lesson or two you will start to move forward again and show good progress. Then you may hit another plateau, and then more progress, another slump, more progress and so on. These curves or plateaus in learning any art, game, or skill are quite natural and they happen to everyone!

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