Little about myself...

Part 1. My name is Eugenia Spotar. Born in Russia, at very early age got exposed to ballet dancing. Strict Russian ballet teachers with a stick were a normal thing in my childhood. As I got older there was time for modern, jazz and lyrical dance training. At age of 13 I tried Ballroom dancing. And let me tell you, I fell in love, It's been long 19 years And I am still in love with this style of dancing until present day. I can tell you so many reasons why I love it, and I will, but not in this post. This post is about me!

Growing up I had a dream of moving to USA and opening my own big studio for dancing and arts. Well, I am living half of that dream now. I came to USA in 2004 and joined a local dance school , where I learned American style of dancing. At that time American style didn't make much sense , I thought everyone was supposed know how to dance international dance style, because that's what the whole world was dancing. But over the years I learned that American style was just as valuable as International. Now I teach mainly American Style with International technique of course.

Dancing is very important part of my life, it helped me to overcome very difficult times in my life, and of course happy moments of my life had lots of music and dancing as well.

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