Perfect gift: Ballroom Dance Shoes

Give them what they really want!

I am a professional dancer, instructor, choreographer and performer. And I know how important it is to have a proper footwear when you are on the dance floor.

If you yourself or the loved ones are serious about dancing then Ballroom shoes as a gift is just what you are looking for.

And if you have a friend who is not a member of dance community yet, then ballroom shoes as a gift will definitely make them one step closer to that point. Who knows may be it will change their life!

GIVE THE GIFT OF JOY! - Ballroom Dance Shoes.

Ballroom dance shoes are designed so that they would be functional for both competitive and casual dancers. The majority of them are built to be resistant to slipping, with innersoles that are lined with suede leather, shock-absorbent enhancers that are designed to safeguard the feet of the dancer and facilitate some degree of flexibility. In addition, discount ballroom shoes are frequently lined with outer soles made from suede in order to protect against skidding and assist in preserving dance floors. Even though there are a number of different types of ballroom shoes, there are only two foremost types that are designed for the most popular genres of dancing, basic ballroom and Latin. In the two styles, the fabric uppers and suede soles are typically customized to match the costumes of the performers and they can be found in ballroom shoes stores.

Gift them what they really want! - Latin style shoes.

As it concerns Latin dancing, a number of dance shoes are open-toed or free-toed for female dancers and male dancers have the option for non-laced or laced shoes available in a variety of colors. Latin dance shoes may differ in size of heel for both women and men, based on preference and the style; however, the heels could be 3 inches or 7.62 cm for female dancers and 2.5 inches or 5.08 cm for their male counterparts. However, male dancers who are shorter than their female partners may decide on higher heels; however, the shoes worn by professional competitors have to meet the requirements that are set by the organization they compete in.

A gift they will use! - Ballroom dance shoes.

Ballroom shoes that are basic differ in color and they are not as showy as the dance shoes used in Latin-style ballroom. The dance steps vary and this means that these types of dance shoes have a propensity to fit more snugly, with laced-up straps in place of Latin dance shoes with many single straps. The heights of the heels are lower as well, about 5.08 cm or 2.5 inches for female dancers and 2.54 cm or 1 inch for male dancer; the lower height assists in evenly distributing the weight of the dancer.

A gift that has been around for century! - History of ballroom shoes

Even though modern ballroom dance has been in existence for in excess of a century, quite a few popular dances became additionally standardized and then taught to a more extensive audience around the 1920s. Ballroom shoes development also advanced during this era, even though not many options for color or style were available. For professional performers of earlier times, men's shoes were primarily of a two-tone tan and black variety and women's dance shoes were of the soft-colored and laced variety. During the period of the 1930s, because of movie legends like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the esteem of ballroom dance increased and dance shoes became a necessity for events and galas.

A gift they will never forget! - Dance shoes for happiness!

Specific genres of ballroom dancing require a precise style of ballroom shoe in order to achieve the very best performance. The correct shoe is also vital to the prolonged existence of both the posture and feet of the performer. Ballroom shoes are created for specific dance styles and they provide their own one of a kind benefits based on the activity and moves on the dance floor.

A proper sole is a great foundation for your ability to dance. Well-brushed or new Suede soles provide the dancer with a fair amount of traction, particularly on the standard ballroom dance floors made of wood. Suede is frequently referred to as chrome leather in a number of the ballroom shoes stores. Soles made out of leather have a propensity of being more slippery; however, they are good options if you do not want to splurge a lot of money on dance shoes.

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